What is a sauna?
A sauna is a space that is used to create an environment with higher temperature and higher humidity that allows your body to relax. The sauna is often associated with Finnish culture, but you can find it all over the world.
What types of saunas are there?
How big is the sauna in general?

The size of the sauna can vary depending on its purpose and the number of people who want to use it. The common size of a sauna for private use can be from two square meters to larger rooms of 20 m² and more. The ceiling height is usually 2m. Most saunas for private use usually accommodate 2-6 people, but there are also larger saunas that can accommodate up to 20 people.

However, the size of the sauna is not critical for the sauna experience. It's more important to follow proper sauna procedures and be safe and enjoy the whole process.

What is the usual equipment of a sauna?
What materials are used to build a sauna?

The actual construction of the sauna is usually made of spruce profiles.

The walls and ceiling of the sauna are covered with wooden boards.

Either profiles from African abachi willow or profiles from aspen poplar are used for the seating surfaces of the benches and lumbar support.
How is a sauna built?

We manufacture and deliver our saunas to order, according to customer requirements.

First, it is necessary to agree on the type of sauna, the size of the sauna, material of the cladding, the material and number of benches, the type of heater, the location of the ventilation holes, the type and material of the door, the type of door handle, the type of lighting and sound system.

If the customer agrees to the preliminary quotation, signs the order and pays the deposit, we will first start working on the project documentation.

When the project documentation is approved, we order all the necessary elements, prepare the material and start the construction.
What are the effects of sauna on a person?
However, it is important to note that sauna use is not suitable for everyone. Pregnant women and people with certain health problems, such as heart disease or high blood pressure, should first check with their doctor if they can use the sauna without risk.

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